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Dovo Razor Strops and Strop Pastes

In order to maintain their extremely keen edge, straight razors must be stropped before each use. This re-aligns the incredibly thin ‘fin’ at the edge of the blade that gives the straight razor its legendary sharpness. In effect, stropping a straight razor gives you a new edge for each shave - no wonder they perform so well!

Listed below are a range of  Dovo razor strops. These are of two main types - ‘paddle’ strops and ‘hanging’ strops. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference but, as a guide, paddle strops are probably easier for a beginner to use and are more often used with strop pastes to make whetting - the effect of stropping - a little quicker and simpler to master. All items appropriately insured for carriage.

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18345002 Hanging strop, Russian-type cowhide, top swivel and paddle handle with canvas backstrap. Overall size approx. 24.5” x 2.25”

(width of leather 1.75”)

18535001 hanging strop, premium cowhide with canvas backstrap, top swivel and grab bar. Overall size approx. 17.5” x 2”

(Width of leather 1.75”)

15240001 Hanging strop, cowhide with top swivel and grab bar. No canvas backing - ideal for beginners. Overall size approx. 19” x 2.25” (width of leather 1.75”)

18080002 Hanging strop extra-large, Russian-type cowhide with top swivel and grab bar. No canvas backstrap.

Overall size approx. 22” x 3.25”

(Width of leather 3”)

Best Seller!

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Dovo leather balm - keep your strop supple with this easy-to-use product from Dovo. Simply rub a small amount into the strop occasionally to keep your strop in great shape!

50 ml.

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